Anatomy of the greyhound why is he so fast?

The physical characteristics of this type of dog make its remarkable speed possible. These animals can reach up to 70km / h! They are light, aerodynamic, have long and strong legs, and their heart proportionally larger than a person’s.

The greyhound is known as one of the fastest dogs in the world. Many people wonder why this is so. Some say that he learned this skill while working on the hunt, but in truth, it’s the anatomy of the greyhound.

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Anatomy of the greyhound – why does he run so fast?

Just one glance reveals that the greyhound has long paws and a long, light and slender body.

That alone would be enough to make him run faster than dogs of other races. However, there are other reasons that we explain in the following article:

His body

His weight is not the only reason why the greyhound is so fast.

It is mainly due to his physique. It’s aerodynamic and it seems like it’s designed to jump through the air and reach high speeds.

His small, long-shaped head and his long, slender but strong limbs are other factors that promote his speed.

His heart

The heart of the greyhound is bigger than that of any other breed. Proportionally, it’s even bigger than the human heart.

So what’s the advantage of this aspect of the anatomy of the greyhound? The heart can beat a lot more often and faster than another dog in a race. This allows the greyhound more endurance and speed.

If the heart can not pump enough blood, you slow down and lose your power in a race. The greyhound does not have this problem!

His blood

Since his heart is larger, the greyhound must also pump more blood towards that organ. So he gets a higher oxygen supply. That’s why his stamina in a race is also higher.

His paws

The legs of the greyhound are thin but strong and long. So he has a lot of drive during a race. If you look at him from the side, his posture is similar to that of a kangaroo.

Since his limbs are so long, they cross each other in the race.

Through these constant movements, the greyhound reaches incredible speeds and can hold these for quite a while.

The contracting of the muscles

The muscles of the greyhound contribute to its speed. He can contract them strong and fast. With his small head and tail, he can easily keep his balance even at high speeds.

The location of his head

The head is attached at right angles to the neck. As a result, the greyhound can turn him through just a little movement as he wishes.

His focus changes by turning him just a little to the right or left. This is a kind of enormous mobility that one does not find in other animals.

His tail

The tail of the greyhound not only helps him to maintain balance during high speeds but also contributes to the flexion of the back.

This is necessary to brake or accelerate. Their length is calculated exactly to provide this help.

As you can see, the anatomy of the greyhound is responsible for his speed. She is exactly tuned to a fast animal. That’s why there is probably no better hunting and racing dog.

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