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Is it true that dogs recognize each other?

Find out how dogs communicate with each other! The communication between dogs and humans is much talked about. Some studies have shown that the animals can recognize our states of mind, the tone we speak, and a few words. We ourselves, as owners of pets, count on some understanding methods in dealing with those who are still the best friends ...

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A Portuguese shepherd dog

The origins of this breed are almost 2,000 years old. It is a shepherd dog that protects livestock from predators. That’s exactly how he protects his family. He behaves tame and affectionate towards her. The Cão da Serra da Estrela is a breed that comes from the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the few dog breeds that developed in ...

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The most expensive dog in the world and its sad story

This type of shepherd dog was already mystified by Marco Polo and Aristotle, so they became cannon fodder for speculation. However, as it is not an animal that can be sold in bulk, prices eventually fell and many were abandoned. A few years ago, a particular breed was considered the most expensive dog in the world. By this, we mean ...

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German Shorthair Tips for education

Although obedient and intelligent, this race tends to be nervous due to its energetic nature. Therefore, it is important to teach the German Shorthair to slow it down when it gets too exciting. Because of their innate desire to be the leader, you have to teach big dogs which pack they have in their pack. By that, we mean, of ...

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Irish Setter graceful and friendly

This friendly and friendly breed is quite suitable as a family dog, because thanks to his intelligence and his quiet character, the Irish Red Setter can be easily educated. The Irish Red Setter was actually bred as a hunting dog, but thanks to his extraordinary beauty and friendly nature, he left the woods and found a new home as a ...

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