Broholmer a friendly Molosser

If you have time and space for the Danish Broholmer, it is a quiet companion that will guard your home at the same time.

The Broholmer is a molossoid dog breed, originally from Denmark and not well known outside its area. In the 20th century, this breed would be almost extinct, but a group of lovers of this friendly dog ​​has worked to protect the Broholmer.

Although there is not a very large population, the breed could be preserved. Then you will learn more about the Danish Broholmer.

Origins of the Broholmer

Documents show that it is a very old dog breed. Already in the Middle Ages, this breed is mentioned in scriptures, but the spread took place in the 18th century. In the middle of the 19th century, this breed was selectively bred by the royal squire Sehested at Broholm Castle and thus got its name.

The Broholmer was threatened with extinction during World War II, but dog lovers resumed breeding in the 1970s. You could set a standard and get the breed. Today there are enough specimens that enjoy good health.

In 1982, the Broholmer was recognized by the FCI. He is one of the dog-like dogs in the group of Molosser. It is a social dog but also used as a Schutzhund.

Physical characteristics of the Broholmer

Broholm dogs stand out for their size. You can reach between 55 and 70 cm shoulder height. Adult dogs have a weight of 45 to 60 kg, with males being slightly larger than female boreholes.

They are similar to the mastiff. The head is wide and rectangular, the mouth should have the same length as the head. The neck is wide and may have skin folds. The lips are hanging easily. The hanging ears are triangular and medium in size. The body is strong and bulky, especially the big muscles of the hind legs stand out. The breast is wide and deep. At rest, the long rod hangs down like a saber.

The coat of Broholmer is very short and hard, it has a yellowish color with a black nose and a dark mask. There may also be white patches on the chest, paws and tail tip.

The character of the Broholm dog

It is a very quiet, self-confident dog. But at the same time, the Broholmer is powerful and needs a lot of physical and mental training. Usually, he is friendly but not enthusiastic. He is a good protective dog because usually, he distrusts unknowns.

The Danish dog can be very territorial when it comes to strangers or dogs, but he will always be friendly and complacent to his family.

Like most big dogs, the Broholmer loves peace and relaxation. He can live in a house or apartment as long as he gets enough exercise and physical exercise. If you take the dog three times a day for long walks, that’s no problem.

However, it should be noted that this breed can be a challenge during training. Although the Danish dog is not lacking in intelligence, he needs a lot of patience and positive reinforcement in education. So surprising results can be achieved. He should, however, be trained by someone who is very patient and has experience with large dogs.

Care and health of the Broholmer

There are no studies on possible risk diseases in this breed. However, since it is a very large dog, it can suffer from diseases that are typical for four-legged about 35 kg.

In veterinary checkups, the joints should be examined, as dysplasia of the hip or knee joints may be common. It is advantageous to feed the Broholm dog already in puppy age with specific food for animals with a tendency to bone problems.

The Danish dog could also suffer from heart problems. As with many other large dogs, the veterinarian must also take this into account in the regular examinations to ensure good health.

As far as fur care is concerned, the short, coarse hair is constantly failing and renewing itself. The dog must, therefore, be brushed regularly, especially in spring and autumn when changing fur.

The dog-like moloser is very friendly and quiet and can, therefore, be kept in an apartment, but due to its size, you should make sure that it has enough space. Do not forget that he needs long walks every day. If you have time and space for the Danish Broholmer, it is a quiet companion that will guard your home at the same time.

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