Do you know how to receive criticism and how to identify the grounded one?

The hardest thing to deal with is criticism. But can we expect to be just about everyone? Are all our work colleagues as well as everyone else we know just as good? What do we really think about them and how would we like them to treat us?

Would it make sense to direct criticism to someone who misbehaves? What if, for example, a person of misbehavior is insulted and communication becomes even more difficult after that. How can we handle this?

Will the bad behavior stop?

Can we deal with this by having to tolerate it indefinitely? We can always and only start with ourselves and our behavior. Awareness of oneself and one’s behavior broaden our sphere of influence, and everything that one says is first viewed through what that person does in one’s life. Our criticism and praise are valid only when we behave in accordance with them. However, how do you distinguish between grounded and unfounded criticism? Self-awareness protects our dignity in all circumstances in which we find ourselves. It is the strongest energy of our personality that repels all the negative environmental influences. Your way of acting is in line with your views and best speaks of you and your character.

Think carefully about what and who you spend your time with!

It is the content and environment in which you move that creates your attitudes and builds your character. And the more you pay attention to the choices you make, the more aware you are of all kinds of environmental influences. Likewise, you will be better able to recognize when some criticism is based and when it is not.

How much is criticism worth?

It learns best from its own mistakes, but few are capable of knowing their own actions. If you are surrounded by people who have the experience, it is a good idea to ask them for their opinion; and not just some general life thinking, but their specific opinion on your actions.

An opinion is valid when it is spoken in private, without an audience. Therefore, when you receive an honest opinion from a person who works for himself, thank him wholeheartedly. What you do next is only your decision. You have the opportunity to become a better person, but only if you really want it! Because if you do not want to change for the better, then anyone who genuinely approaches you will be a reminder of what you do not want to change with you, and you will run away from that reminder and hide.

How to look at criticism?

It’s not easy, but we always have the opportunity to receive a negative opinion as well as a positive one. The one who came to tell you in the face and not behind your back helps you get a clearer picture of yourself. Thank this person as if you were receiving a valuable gift and say you would think about it. When people speak honestly, their opinions can hurt us too. So be prepared for negative judgment as well. To put it simply, look at it like this:

Criticizing a man I trust is worth far more than complimenting a man I don’t trust.

When you set things up like that, you expect a cellophane gift, which is a great value gift. However, few know how to recognize, gratefully receive, reflect, and make the necessary positive change.

How important is environmental approval?

People who carefully craft their business and lifestyle views and work and live up to them do not do so for the sake of endorsing the environment. They do it for their own choice. And despite the different environmental influences, they remain firmly in their path. When you know what really matters to you, you leave a credible mark on the environment in which you move. What decisions you make is a matter of your choice, not the attitude of the workplace or any other environment. When you are not hiding behind the thought of the environment, only then are you your own. And only then does your opinion have value, whether it be criticism or praise.

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