Dog breeds with a blue tongue Chow Chow and Shar-Pei

A mystical theory claims that this is a curse of the gods, but science speaks of a genetic mutation. Other theories say it’s about high or low melanin production.

There are many different and sometimes contradictory theories about the origins of blue-tongued dog breeds.

From spiritual legends to scientific hypotheses: the explanation for this specific gene is probably a bit more complicated than it seems at first.

Dog breeds with a blue tongue: what does science say?

The structure of the tongue contains tiny vascular endings that form a single layer.

The blood that flows through the tongue is full of oxygen. That is why most dogs and other mammals have a pink tongue.

Specialists claim that dog breeds with a blue tongue are caused by a natural genetic change.

That explains why this weird gene is present in so few species. It does not affect the health of the animal.

It has not yet been possible to determine whether the genetic change was an evolutionary adaptation. Perhaps the genetic structure also happened to change during a stage of its development.

Theories about melanin

One theory claims that certain dog breeds and other species produce a higher amount of melanin.

This known substance is responsible for the coloring of the skin and fur in mammals. Increased production of melanin could thus explain a more intense coloring of the tongue.

However, another theory claims that blue-tongue dog breeds have too little tyrosine. As a result, your organism can not produce enough melanin to color your body correctly.

Chinese mythology has its own theory

If we want to look at it from a more mythological point of view, we can also consult a Chinese legend that speaks about the origin of the Chow Chow.

After that, the Chow Chow is a dragon dog who loved the day but hated the night. One night, tired of the darkness, he decided to lick the whole sky so that it would last forever.

The gods did not agree with his plan.

That’s why they punished him forever with a dark tongue. So the Chow Chow daily reminded of his shameful act. After all, it was a dog trying to contradict the gods.

Which dog breeds with blue tongue are there?

The Shar-Pei and the Chow Chow are the two dog breeds with a blue tongue. In both breeds, the gene responsible for the blue tongue is dominant.

The “blue gene” is so pithy in the Chow Chow that some of them have violet or almost black tongues.

The Chow Chow: a protector of the sacred temples Chow Chow literally means “bloated lion”.

They may seem like giant teddy bears, but the Chow Chows are the true heirs of Asian wolves.

It is true that her beautiful and thick coat, her big head and the blue tongue make her really attractive fur noses.

He actually comes from China, where he has been used throughout history to protect his home, fields and holy temples of the land.

He also accompanied the men on the hunt. Nowadays, he is known around the world as a pet.

His body is perfectly designed to deal with the cold and weather conditions in China.

He is compact, sturdy and has a thick layer of fat that covers his whole body. This thermal insulation is complemented by its dense, reddish coat.

The Shar-Pei and its famous wrinkles

Shar-Pei and Chow Chow share so many similarities that some genetic theories claim they could be relatives.

Not only do they have the blue tongue in common, but their physique is very similar – apart from the coat. Even her facial expressions and her hunting and protective instincts are similar.

The Shar-Pei has short fur and his body is covered in wrinkles. In puppies, the wrinkles are even more visible as they first have to grow into their skin.

Nowadays people know that Shar-Pei people since the third century BC. Accompanied by Chr.

One found ceramic objects from this time, which represented a Shar-Pei. This allows us to be sure that these animals were very important even then.

Since its origins, the Shar-Pei has been used to herding sheep and the house, but also to hunt. The Chinese farmers found in him the perfect ally to keep predators away from their farm.

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