Elf cat the bald kitty with bent ears

It is a kind of cat that has been recently bred. You do not recognize them as a race yet. Since she has no fur, she has special care needs. Your skin is getting sick easier.

People always want to play God and create new pets. One of her latest “inventions” came this time by crossing an American Curl and a Canadian Sphynx cat. The result was the elven cat, a bald animal with bent ears.

Many find that it is exactly what the mythological being that gives it the name looks like.

Elf cat: a new breed with a strange appearance

This cat originated in the first decade of this century in the USA. The main cat associations do not yet recognize them as a breed but classify them as a variation of the Sphynx cat.

Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom are considered their creators. It was her idea to create a furless cat like the Sphynx with the unique ears of American Curl.

The result is the elven cat, a velvet paw that seems to have sprung from a Nordic, Celtic or Germanic legend. Some say she even has a dog face.

The elf belongs to the different variations of bald cats. It was recently created in the USA and has curved ears as a special feature. That is why she also bears the name of the mythological creature.

Physical characteristics of the elf cat

The ears of this kitty are long and pointed but bent backward. They are bald or have almost unnoticeable fluff. Furthermore, the elven cat has the following characteristics:

  • Athletic, muscular body, similar to the Sphynx
  • Oblong face, with protruding cheeks
  • Wrinkled skin around the shoulder, ears, and muzzle
  • Longtail, which becomes thinner toward the tip

The weight of this pet generally varies between 4.5 and 7kg. All shades and patterns are recognized.

A playful and cuddly velvet paw

In addition to her salient appearance, one can say the following about the character:

  • Intelligent
  • friendly
  • affable
  • lovingly
  • extrovert

The elf is very active and alert, she plays and likes to climb. That’s why she also needs enough toys and opportunities for climbing. Otherwise, it can lead to damage in the house.

They get used to certain situations and have no problem living with other pets. The Elf cats do not like to stay alone at all.

If you are out of the house a lot, then you better think about a second cat.

Special care needs of the elven cat

Like all furless cats, they need special care and hygiene. You have to bathe them regularly to remove excess sebum on the skin.

That’s why you should get used to it from an early age. By the way, you can also use damp cloths.

Ask your veterinarian what products you can use for your sensitive skin.

If you do not clean the elf on a regular basis, it will become sticky and dirty. Furthermore, it can also lead to skin problems.

Although it is a healthy animal with no major genetic problems, it should not be exposed to the sun or the cold.

Since these cats have no coat, they are more sensitive to low temperatures and may suffer burns in the sun.

In addition, the parts of the house in which the animal dwell should be well-cleaned so that it does not come to dermatitis due to a bacterium.

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