French Bulldog loving and intelligent companion

The breed was threatened with extinction in England, but very popular in France. From here it was exported all over the world.

The French Bulldog is smaller than the original Bulldog from England. Their physical and character traits are perfect for those who want a pet but do not have much space at home. Learn more about this loving and intelligent breed today.

Curious: the French Bulldog comes from England!

The origin of this breed is curious because the French Bulldog comes from England. She is related to the English Bulldog, among the ancestors is the Mastiff.

In the 19th century, there were no animal rights, many dogs were bred with the intention to use them for dogfighting. Therefore, smaller bulldogs were bred, but they were not very successful and were chosen by the lowest social strata.

During the Industrial Revolution, many Englishmen emigrated to mainland Europe and took with them the miniature bulldogs, which were enthusiastically received in France.

The breed was threatened with extinction in England, but very popular in France. From here it was exported all over the world.

External characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a loyal companion who can be well kept in an apartment. He is small, calm and hardly makes any noise. Besides, his education is easy and he does not need much training.

The head of this bulldog is relatively large, but still well proportioned. The characteristic ears are similar to those of a bat, the snout is flat, which is typical of brachycephalic races.

By default, a shoulder height between 27 and 35 cm is set in males and between 24 and 32 cm in females. The weight must be proportional to the size, it is usually about 12 kg in males and 11 kg in bitches.

The coat is short and fits tight to the body. It may be brindle or unreamed, sometimes with a limited spillover.

Character Traits of the French Bulldog

This dog breed is lively, affectionate and very intelligent, as also recorded in the English standard. The American standard goes even further, calling the French Bulldog a companion of good behavior, adaptable and comfortable; he is naturally attached and has a balanced character.

This breed is playful and still quiet. It is therefore ideal for living in a city.


A big advantage of this breed compared to other small dogs is that its care is very easy. It is enough to brush the dog once a week so that his short hair shines clean. The claws should be cut once a month, if you do not know how to do that, you should go to the dog barber or the vet.

The health of the French Bulldog

The most common health problems are caused by flat snout and limited breathing. These bulldogs snore frequently and get tired quickly, so you should avoid overtraining. However, long walks are important to promote the cardiovascular health of bulldogs.

It can lead to premature wear of the intervertebral discs. To be aware of this early on, you should know that a stiff or stretched neck may be an indication. In addition, limping and the loss of control of the sphincter may indicate this.

Like most ailments, this problem can be treated and alleviated by the early detection of a trusted veterinarian. If your dog is pregnant, you must know that there may be complications in the birth of the puppies, because the head of these dogs is very large.

It is recommended for all these reasons not to miss the regular health checks. Get advice from your veterinarian. Since it is a sensitive breed, insurance of the dog can be very beneficial, because otherwise the veterinary costs could be high.

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