German Shorthair Tips for education

Although obedient and intelligent, this race tends to be nervous due to its energetic nature. Therefore, it is important to teach the German Shorthair to slow it down when it gets too exciting.

Because of their innate desire to be the leader, you have to teach big dogs which pack they have in their pack. By that, we mean, of course, the human family with whom they live together. That’s why we give you a few tips today for the education of German Shorthair.

How to raise the German Shorthair

This dog is good-natured, obedient and intelligent. He always wants to make his man right and makes every effort to make a life together harmoniously.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is not difficult to educate the German Shorthair. But of course, you also know that patience, perseverance and loving care are fundamental to getting good results.

Basic commands

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics of the German shorthair is due to its seemingly never-ending energy but also a pretty nervous dog. He can become restless and cheeky and even play tricks despite his size.

That is why it is particularly important to teach him certain basic obedience through commands such as “seat”, “place” or “still”.

So you can control it with your voice if it behaves nervously. His high intelligence allows him to learn these commands quickly.

Control the hunting instinct

The German shorthair has the hunting instinct in its genes. If you do not use it for hunting, then you must learn to control those instincts in it.

If you do not succeed, he will surprise you with small gifts, such as animal carcasses, that he finds on the street or in the field. That’s not so nice for you!

One way to accomplish this is to provide him with toys like Kong. The goal is to get food out of the toy. That may sound simple, but it is not really!

Of course, we do not mean that you should “drive out” the hunting instinct. He belongs to this animal and his character! You only have to give him something to live it out on. Everything else would actually be animal cruelty.


German Shorthair needs a lot of exercises to analyze its energy. This also serves to protect the health of his bones and joints.

Long walks, swimming, and running are among the best activities for this breed.

Check barking

If there is something negative about what one can say about the German Shorthair, then that is its tendency to constant and unnecessary barking. In order for this not to be a problem for you and your neighbors, you have to learn to control it.

You accomplish this by teaching him two commands: one to bark and the other to silence him. The majority of owners use the words: “Belle” and “Still!”

The leash

One of the most common problems with large dogs is when we take them for a walk. Sometimes the spectator does not know exactly whether the dog guides the human or the human the dog.

That’s why you should teach your fur nose not to pull on a leash. This may be easier said than done, but with a lot of patience and consistency, you can achieve that.


German Shorthair is a big dog and he is aware of it. That’s why he likes to pretend to be the leader in front of other dogs and even people.

To avoid this type of dominant behavior, you must teach him as a puppy how to behave towards other dogs and humans.

Talk to your veterinarian about when you can take him to the park so he learns to play well with other dogs. Before that, of course, he must have received all his vaccinations.

Some people are afraid to keep a big dog. The German Shorthair is undoubtedly a great house companion. You just have to know how to properly educate him.

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