Havanese, a dog breed from Cuba

It is a very energetic breed that always likes to play. That’s why the Havanese is also an ideal dog for children. Because of his faithful character, he protects his people from any danger.

We know that you always like to read about new breeds. That’s why we want to tell you today about a Cuban dog. You did not know that some dog breeds come from Cuba? The Havanese comes from this island.

It is a happy animal that makes a wonderful pet. Would you like to know more about him? Then read on!

The Havanese, a very special pet

History and origin

Because of its name, one could assume that this dog comes from Havana, the Cuban capital. She is famous for her colorful houses and classic cars. His story, however, begins in the Middle Ages, more precisely in Spain and Italy.

However, the first animals to travel to Cuba with Italians were white. Later came mixtures of these dogs and German poodles. This then led to the typical Havanese coloring.

Due to the dramatic political developments and the great crisis this country experienced in the 20th century, the race almost died out. Some Cuban breeders living in the United States are now ensuring the survival of the Havanese.

Havanese: physical characteristics

The coat of this original breed stands out immediately. It is long, silky dense and often a bit wavy. However, some animals also have a very smooth coat.

The Havanese is a small dog, because he is between 21 and 29 cm tall, depending on whether it is a male or a female dog. Incidentally, he should always be longer than high.

It weighs between 3.5 and 6.8 kg. Although his body is quite small, he has proportionately large and very strong paws.

The Havanese is really not a weak dog. On the contrary: especially when he runs, you can admire his strong, athletic form.

The head is big compared to the rest of his body. His sincere, dear look is very appealing to people.

The coat consists of one coat and the following colors are permitted: white, Havana cigar, tobacco, red-brown and sometimes pale yellow with cabbage black.

Breeders also recognize animals with speckled fur, except the pure white Havanese.

Character and temperament at the Havanese

The Havanese is a very happy, active and friendly contemporary.

He could play all day and have so much energy that even a child can not tire him out.

However, he does not like to be alone and insists on his cuddles. The Havanese is an ideal companion for children.

Even if they are so dear to their family, they will become true furies if there is any sign of danger. They fight to the bitter end to protect their family.

This can be a problem if the dog barks too much. That is why it is necessary to socialize them early. So they get used to living with other people, dogs, and pets.

Health and care

The most common diseases affecting this breed are kneecap dislocation, cataracts, and ear infection. They are full of energy but do not need so much training. It is enough to take a few long walks with them every day.

His coat needs special care. You have to brush it often so it does not knot. As we mentioned earlier, they love petting and loathe loneliness.

If you are looking for an independent dog, then the Havanese is not the right companion for you.

You know that animal husbandry also means responsibility. If you want a dog, then you have to cover all his needs as well. The Havanese has emotional needs. Will you take care of him enough?

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