How much should a cat weigh?

Cats can gain or lose weight without being noticed, but these variations can have long-term effects on their health. Here are some aspects you should keep in mind if you think your cat’s weight can be a problem.

Although your cat’s weight will change throughout his life, it is important to be able to recognize when this weight, whether due to excess or default, becomes a health problem. If weight gain or loss has occurred slowly, this can be difficult, but there are several things you can consider.

What are the most likely cats to gain weight?

The following are cats with a higher risk of gaining weight:

  • European shorthair cats, more than purebred cats
  • Those with 5 to 10 years and reduced activity levels
  • Male cats
  • Sterilized cats, since sterilization can favor rapid weight gain
  • Those who eat without control and more than recommended
  • Indoor cats with little exercise and play time

How to control your cat’s weight

There are many variables that affect the weight of a cat, such as size, breed, sex and age. Therefore, weighing the cat and comparing its weight with an “ideal weight” will not always give accurate results. The most advisable thing is to control the cat’s weight at home with a few simple steps.

When looking at your cat in profile from above, you should be able to see his bones easily, including the hollow on his side, and clearly distinguish between the chest and abdomen (chest and stomach). If the contour is very pronounced, the cat’s weight may be low; If the contour is rounded and not easily defined, the cat may be overweight.

Feeling the cat can give you a good idea of ​​whether your weight is healthy or not. Watch carefully if you can palpate and count the ribs, palpate the vertebrae and the back muscles, and if it has a buildup of fat in the abdomen. Then, you can use the following guidelines to see if you should worry about the cat’s weight:

  • If you can feel the ribs, but they are not prominent, the cat’s weight is healthy
  • If you can feel the ribs, but not count them, the cat is overweight
  • If you can’t feel his ribs at all, the cat is obese

If you have any concerns regarding the health of your cat, it is important that you take it to the veterinarian. This can perform the same test in addition to other tests to determine your weight.

Know the warning signs in relation to your cat’s weight

If you notice that your cat loses or gains weight quickly, it may indicate a major underlying problem. If the loss or gain of weight is accompanied by digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea, changes in the quality of the skin or hair, and changes in your mood, you should go without fail to your veterinarian to make a complete diagnosis.

If your cat is at his ideal weight, you give him a quality food, play, exercise and enjoy your company will lead a healthier and happier life. Recognize when your weight could be a problem, it will allow you to detect and solve any problem quickly, making your cat return to the path to a long and healthy life.

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