In 2017, be free from life’s problems!

According to world analysts, a difficult year awaits us. Sometimes I find it getting harder every year, maybe because I’m older, exhausted from everyday life, or for some other reason.

Some of them were solved on the go, some of us did not find answers or ways to solve them. I am sure that every problem with the difficulties it brings lies and potential solutions that can only be seen by courageous and brave individuals who do not escape from the new situation.

How to troubleshoot?

Each of us has the freedom to approach the problem, whether big or small. We are all free to face life’s problems and difficulties. Some of us are prone to escaping, some will cope with the new situation. I know a lot of people who, in times of life crisis and adversity, directed all suffering to others without bothering to humiliate people to the level of contempt and open hatred.

From one problem they are able to create an avalanche of new problems that cannot be seen. I always feel sorry for such people because their exploits are like the loud shouts of people who no longer find or see the meaning.

Freedom of space – decision making

Each of us has the freedom of space that gives us a real insight into the problem situation. In a problematic situation, they can be sad, jealous, angry. Freedom of space gives every person the opportunity to think of possible solutions. What I can do is a question we need to ask ourselves. After that, you need to talk about a new situation, show goodwill to change, ask for help or helpful advice.

In the area of ​​personal freedom of space, you should always ask yourself what is good that I can get out of my situation.

The couple who had children together will always point out that their children were the best of their relationship, the bad that defined their relationship should serve as a compass in later life so that further mistakes are not repeated.

Controlling itself

It is difficult at times when we get overwhelmed by the problem of staying cool. Namely, some psychotherapists advocate the so-called crisis standstill approach. Sometimes it is profitable and in the long term, in situations of major life problems, not to respond to the former. The moments when we find ourselves in a problematic situation are healing moments of solitude and silence.

Keep in mind that you dictate a further outcome, you have the power to choose how you will react and what steps to take next.

It is a good idea to ask if this action that I want to take makes sense. Don’t let negative emotions blind you because hatred, contempt, anger, revenge can only bring about new adversity and even greater problems. Escaping problems into illness or some form of addiction do not bring freedom. It is the freedom to face a problem, to control one’s actions related to a problem, and to be responsible in a responsible way without compromising oneself and others to seek the best solution for themselves and others.

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