Is it true that dogs recognize each other?

Find out how dogs communicate with each other!

The communication between dogs and humans is much talked about. Some studies have shown that the animals can recognize our states of mind, the tone we speak, and a few words.

We ourselves, as owners of pets, count on some understanding methods in dealing with those who are still the best friends of man to this day.

But how do dogs communicate with each other?

It is much more exciting to know how our dog friends get along if they live together in the same household. And if they understand themselves as a family, is there a special connection between them to which only they are privy?

Even though there are many things we have not figured out about our furry friends, there are very interesting discoveries. Here you can find out more.

Do dogs recognize their family members?

Dogs can probably tell who their parents and siblings are. Nevertheless, this depends more on their socialization than on other things.

We could say that this is similar to us humans. Or do you recognize

someone as your brother or sister simply because you are near them?

If you do not already have the information, it will be hard for you to accept that.

Something similar happens in dogs. Their ability to recognize their own relationship depends on the coexistence that they develop with each other in certain phases of their lives.

That’s why it’s so important that dogs between two and four months old live with their family.

If they are separated from their family very early on, it is obvious that they are losing that kind of connection to their family. Nevertheless, there are other mechanisms that they can use to recognize their dog parents.

The meaning of the sense of smell for dogs

Our four-legged friends know when we get home – partly because they recognize our smell.

In this way, they can also identify other people through their excellent sense of smell.

Years may pass and some dogs will still notice the presence of other beings who have ever been around them.

Nevertheless, we must be aware that our pets do not necessarily recognize by smell who could be related to them.

In any case, it’s the presence and smell of someone you’ve known before. Obviously, socialization is still the key to recognizing relatives.

A number of scientists have carried out experiments to find out if dogs can recognize faces from a medium distance.

We know that they can recognize their master because they have a memory. The hypothesis that many want to prove, however, is that dogs can recognize each other by sight.

Recognition and socialization among dogs

It seems reasonable to assume that the identification process is a matter of life and death for our furry friends.

Recognition allows them to differentiate between friend and foe – something that has to do with survival, self-defense, and food procurement.

Here we could face an instinct, or – which means the same thing – a survival function.

However, the capacity of memory in dogs, and their ability to recognize others is limited. Their identification of family members seems to depend above all on socialization.

Whether two dogs at home tolerate depends so much on the fact that their master makes everything right. It can be clear from the first meeting that two dogs will understand each other.

So what should be avoided? Especially that one of them gets jealous or feels like his territory has been attacked.

And if two dogs belong to different races?

As you will see, dogs are made recognizable by their sense of smell, by chemical substances, and by some gestures.

This is such a crucial process in the lives of dogs that we can assume that there are no major differences between races.

In this sense, it is the perception of dogs that decides whether two dogs of different breeds get on well or poorly together.

In short, the breed is not critical, because two dogs belonging to different breeds still use the same communication mechanisms.

It is important to emphasize that the masters have to interpret the postures of their pets.

Checking your attitude or gaze allows us to know if two dogs are getting to know each other or sensing danger, whether they are preparing to attack or, on the contrary, being friendly.

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