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Isn’t it the same every year? We can’t wait for Christmas and New Year for many things. The atmosphere is wonderful, we can socialize with people we would not normally see during the year. We are not working days, we spend quality time with family and friends, without the feeling that we are late or that some unfinished business is waiting for us. And what is the theme of this column is a packed holiday table.

I don’t know how you do it, but I eat these traditional dishes like cod, turkey with mills, French salad breastfeed once a year for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Not to mention Christmas cookies that are only now and again in just a year. Of course, instead of one plate of balacar I ate three. When the turkey with the pancakes arrives on the table, I eat as if it were my day, and only the baby and the French salad … The doses of French are only doubled. I act like it’s some exotic dish I eat now and probably never again. And only cookies …

Feeling guilty after the holidays

I believe I’m not the only one who always eats too much when it comes to the holidays. All this would not be any problem if, after the royal feast, no sense of guilt arises as a logical consequence, since we have accumulated more pounds and our body alarms that we have overcrowded it.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your food and not feel guilty about buying pounds.

  • If you live and eat healthy for most of the year, and only on special occasions, such as birthdays, celebrations, holidays, give yourself a break and overdo it, nothing important will be disturbed. Get back to your usual rhythm. Drink water, squeeze out juices, eat light foods and your body will return to shape very quickly. In this case, there is no place to feel guilty, because guilt is of no use except that you will be mentally tired.
  • Pleasures and occasional “outings” beyond normal behavior are welcome, as this improves our mood. What destroys us are the thoughts that burden us and remind us that we have broken the rules and constantly remind us of restrictions. As soon as the brain reminds us of restrictions, and at a time when we are constantly surrounded by wonderful food, it is a burden and unnecessary. Instead of nature doing the thing, as in the first case, we suffer even more. Telling yourself “you shouldn’t eat” and having food in front of you is like expecting a drug addict in the room to expect you to not take a dose. In addition, we tend to cheat on our own and pretend not to eat at all, and so every time we pass the table we “steal” a bite. It’s all dumb. It has to be decided. Either we will really control ourselves and eat moderately, or allow ourselves some exaggeration, but without a bit of conscience, so when the holidays are over we slow down and pay more attention to eating and drinking.
  • If you are one of those who are uninvolved in food and drink all year long, then you should not be excited by the festive innuendo.
  • Don’t be a general after the battle. While the celebration went on it was good, followed by despair. There is no need for this, either, because it is the end of time. We have no use in feeling guilty about something we can no longer change. We can start changing from today. Never too late. A little more movement, a little less calorie intake and again we’re like new.

In addition to worrying about excess pounds and overeating, we also load up our New Year’s resolutions and then when we do not fill them, we bite again.

Here are some tips for making New Year’s resolutions:

  • The first pitfall is usually the number of New Year’s resolutions. Mostly we overstate the number of decisions we make. If more often than not, we do not fulfill them and then we feel like traitors to ourselves and weak. Otherwise, it is not good to expect ourselves to be able to change more things at once. It is best to accept one and put that decision into action.
  • If I have not succeeded in making the decision, I give it up completely. That’s another trap. New Year is not a special day and you do not have to wait for the next New Year to try again. Try again today or any other day. Whenever you succeed, you succeed. Never too late.
  • Saying goodbye to bad habits sounds like leaving something good. You better not go for change unless you are highly motivated for it. Put on the balance the good and bad sides of what you would change and if the good sides weigh heavily, you are well on your way to achieving it.

Love yourself and your body, live in balance, and keep your mind clear of negative thoughts. It is a winning combination for a healthy body and mind.

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