The breeds of long-haired cats

Cats are more than just elegant and sophisticated animals, not only because of their delicate gait or personality but also because of their outward appearance. In this post, we inform you about the breeds of long-haired cats, which undoubtedly belong to the most beautiful. They require a lot of time to care for the fur, but are nice to fall in love with!

In order to avoid the formation of hairballs, it is very important to brush the breeds of long-haired cats regularly. To prevent the cat from becoming angry or hiding, we recommend that you get used to it as soon as possible (preferably as a kitten). If you’re thinking about taking on such a majestic breed, the following are the most beautiful ones:

The breeds of long-haired cats

  • Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest breeds of cats and originated in the region Ankara, Central Turkey. In the common tongue, every cat with long hair is often referred to as an “angora cat,” but that’s not entirely true. The coat can have different colors: blue, red, brown, silver, cream. It can even be brindle.

As for her temper, Turkish Angora is a smart, active, agile and noisy cat. She is usually very affectionate to the owners and follows them through the house. Polite, loving, playful and cuddly. She needs some freedom to let off steam.

  • Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat is another long-haired cat with a great story. She also comes from the Angora family. The story goes that Marie Antoinette, with her six cats of this breed, set out for the United States when she was fleeing France.

The queen does not manage the crossing but her pets arriving in the port of Wiscasset in Maine already. Then they are taken in by a cabin boy named Tom Coon, and from that came the race as we know it today.

The coat can be of any color and the short hair of the head extends to the tail. The Maine Coon cat is a cozy, affectionate animal that loves to move outdoors (especially when catching prey animals). She can meow in different tones.

2nd Persian cat

With her broad, flat face, the Persian cat is considered “the aristocrat” among the cats. The first copies were born in Persia, today’s Iran. Later, some were brought to Italy and England.

The hair of this breed is full, long, thick and silky. The tail is round and hairy. She is a rather “solid” and robust animal and the colors of the coat are varied. The Persian cat is prone to obesity.

She is in all facets a friendly pet and has never known wild instincts. She can sleep many hours, is a little vain and likes to show her beauty.

  • Ragdoll cat

Another cat that extends the breeds of long-haired cats. One of their main features is that they can relax their muscles and look like a rag doll (hence the name). The ragdoll cat is the result of a cross between a Siamese, a Persian and a Burmese. She has no hunting, defense or alarm instinct and almost does not respond to dangers.

The ragdoll cat does not meow much, is docile, and the coat can be brown, greyish, purple, and chocolaty. It needs minimal care so that the fur is not felted.

  • Balinese cat

The Balinese cat is descended from the Siamese and other long-haired breeds, from which it has inherited the long coat and other characteristics. Her coat is full and silky in different colors (blue, purple, seal, chocolate, cream, red, etc.). The Balinese cat has its origins in 1940 in the United States. They are slim, elegant, muscular and medium in size. The head is wedge-shaped, with large pointed ears, long neck, thin tail, and long legs.

The Balinese cat is loyal to its owner but indifferent to the other family members (it usually chooses only one person to feed them safely). She will try to attract attention with her pranks, has a gentle and melodious voice and gets along well with children.

The breeds of longhair cats are continued by: Himalayan, Norwegian Forest Cat, Burmese Cat, Somali Cat and American Curl.

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