The Irish Wolfhound, the giant among the dogs

The Irish Wolfhound or Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog that exists. Learn more about this friendly giant here.

The Irish Wolfhound is a huge breed of dogs – the largest in the world. He is calm and friendly, which makes him a great pet, although we have to pay special attention to his care, as his joints usually suffer from his size.

The Irish Wolfhound or Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog that exists. As he was threatened with extinction, his genes were amplified with those of the Great Danes, and though it seems unbelievable, he is even bigger than this. Here we present the giant among the dogs with a good-natured character.

The Irish Wolfhound: History

This breed is so old that the origin is unclear. It is known that it originated in Ireland and that the Celts used the Irish Wolfhound to hunt and to protect their cattle from wolves. The earliest mention of this breed comes from Julius Caesar, who praised the good nature and beauty of these dogs.

These dogs are native to Ireland, but with the Romans, they spread throughout Europe. Around 1800, however, like many other breeds, they were threatened with extinction. Then it was decided to keep the breed: their own qualities were further enhanced when they were crossed with the great Danes or the Deerhound.

The Irish Wolfhound is a very special breed of dog. He is classified by the FCI as Greyhound, a close relative to Greyhounds and Hounds, although his appearance rarely resembles a dog of this species. In addition, he is a dog that fights wolves and protects the cattle, which is not common in this breed.


It is the largest breed of dog. An adult dog can grow to between 70 and 80 centimeters. The size differences between females and males are not significant. He is a huge dog that can weigh up to 55 kilos.

The shape of his head resembles a greyhound. He has a long and pointed nose. The stop, or the area between the skull and nose, is very soft and has small and dark eyes. He also has typical greyhound ears: small, triangular and hanging sideways.

However, he has a long and hard coat. It is also longer on the extremities and thicker on the tail. As for the tonalities, he can have different colors: gray, striped, black, white, etc.

The Irish Wolfhound has a deep chest and a narrow belly. The shape of his body makes him look smaller than other breeds of dogs, but due to its proportions, this is just a delusion.


This breed is called the “good-natured giant,” as it is one of the most gentle and calm races there is. The Irish Wolfhound is friendly, balanced and very affectionate. It has an ideal character for dealing with children, although it can become crude or careless due to its size.

Because of its imposing size, it was used as a guard dog on fields, although in reality, it is too friendly for this job. Therefore, his work is limited to hunting and protection of livestock.

In addition, he has great hunting instincts, so games, such as the pursuit of balls or sticks, are highly inappropriate for this breed of dog. On the other hand, there are many other games like finding and finding things that he enjoys a lot.


Such a large dog is susceptible to various types of illnesses or health problems in addition to typical breed complaints. It should be noted that the prevention of these diseases should be monitored by a veterinarian.

Like many medium-sized, large and giant dogs, this breed of dog tends to hip dysplasia. In addition, she is particularly prone to stomach spasms, a serious health problem with a very high mortality rate.

In Irish Wolfhound, bone cancer is more common than in other dogs. Heart disease and eye problems like retinal dystrophy are also common diseases of this breed.

All dogs should have regular checks at their veterinarian, and in a dog of this size, they should be taken very seriously. In this sense, it is necessary to follow the recommended vaccination schedule and deworming.

The Irish Wolfhound is a quiet dog, but he is very tall. It is not necessary to force him to hunt, run or play. But it is necessary to take long walks with him, where he can release his energy.

The Irish Wolfhound or “good-natured giant” is the largest breed of dog that exists. In addition to its size, this dog is characterized by his loving and friendly nature.

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