The most expensive dog in the world and its sad story

This type of shepherd dog was already mystified by Marco Polo and Aristotle, so they became cannon fodder for speculation. However, as it is not an animal that can be sold in bulk, prices eventually fell and many were abandoned.

A few years ago, a particular breed was considered the most expensive dog in the world. By this, we mean the Tibetan Mastiff, a gigantic giant that has been guarding the herds of sheep on the peaks of the Himalayas for centuries.

The most expensive dog in the world and its humble origins

It’s true that the allegedly most expensive dog in the world has modest roots. For millennia he protects monasteries and accompanies shepherds in Tibet.

Aristotle already mentioned him and also Marco Polo was very impressed by the beauty of the so-called Tibetan mastiff. She stands out in particular by her grandeur and almost mystical greatness.

Perhaps it was the appearance of the legend that made these animals the most expensive in the world. However, the dog has evolved in many ways around the world in many ways.

So you find him in the Pyreneesberg dog or in the Neapolitan Mastiff again.

His loud barking and lion-like appearance caused many to pay magnificent sums to bring these mountain animals to the palaces and villas. He caught the attention of the European upper class.

So it became that he became the most expensive dog in the world. A Chinese coal magnate actually paid 1.6 million euros for a copy called Hong Dong.

This dog was not created for luxury

Breeding a dog breed is not easy: you look for a specific ability and then choose the most suitable animals with these characteristics for breeding.

Sometimes it’s all about the look, but in other cases it’s actually skills that are not just a hobby. We mean working animals, such as the Tibetan Mastiff.

This dog was not bred mainly for its appearance. The Tibetan Mastiff has been a shepherd dog on the icy peaks of the Himalayas for millennia. That’s why it’s an active, resistant dog with a strong protective instinct that is deeply rooted in its genes.

He is therefore used to cold weather and likes to work outdoors with other animals. He does this, in particular, to protect them from predators such as the snow leopard, but also from humans.

Although he can also be a great house dog, often he is not really suitable for Ersthalter or people who can not offer him enough activity.

The suspension of the world’s most expensive dog

Unfortunately, these features do not make him the ideal dog for everyone. He was simply over-mystified and prices went up.

However, it got to the point that many breeders, who thought they could earn a fair amount of money, stopped the animals when they realized they could not be sold so easily.

What was once the world’s most expensive dog is now roaming homeless through the streets of China. Unfortunately, it ends only too often in the dog slaughterhouses of this country, which still offers dog meat for consumption.

Of course, every country has its own culture, and the Chinese can eat dog meat just as we eat rabbits or cattle. However, one criticizes the animal abuse and the terrible conditions of these slaughterhouses.

This story should be considered a warning to mass breeds and consumerism. The mystical Tibetan mastiff was turned into a decorative object. For millennia, this dog accompanied the people in one of the toughest climates in the world in the migratory sheep farm. What happened to him is tragic and painful.

The Tibetan mastiff is another sign of how difficult it can be to provide a pet with a species-appropriate attitude. You should think it over well before you buy a dog, without headless follow a fad.

After all, they are living creatures who have been man’s best friend since prehistoric times and who also have feelings.

However, there are still hundreds of Mastiffs who protect animals and people in Tibet and have no idea of ​​the problems people and money have caused their fellows.

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