The White Swiss Shepherd Dog

He looks like a German Albino sheepdog, but the White Swiss Shepherd dog does not owe its coat to any genetic abnormality.

The White Swiss Shepherd is a breed that until 2011 was not recognized as such.

She is originally from Germany, although her name implies something different. This dog is medium-sized, muscular and stout, as well as lively, hardworking and easy to train.

He looks like a German Albino-German Shepherd, but the White Swiss Shepherd dog owes its coat no genetic anomaly.

The striking coat is typical of his breed. In addition, this animal is characterized by high intelligence.

History of the White Swiss Shepherd

For a while, it was argued that the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was a variant of the German Shepherd Dog. However, it has been shown that this breed is older.

There are indications that the first white Swiss shepherd dogs appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, but in northern Germany, not in Switzerland.

However, Switzerland was responsible for its recognition as a unique and original breed and fought for its official registration.

The great expansion of the breed took place in North America. The first specimens came to Canada in the 1970s, where they enjoyed great popularity and eventually defined themselves as a separate breed.

After spreading to almost all of North America, they returned to Europe.

For a long time, it was tried to devalue the value of this breed and to treat it as if it were a worse German shepherd dog.

Nothing could be further from reality, because the German Shepherd originates from this breed.

Finally, the FCI has the White Swiss Shepherd Dog 2011 as a separate breed. The fans of the breed had to spend decades marketing and internally registering it until it became official.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog – Features

The White Swiss Shepherd is classified as a medium breed, with the males being between 60 and 66 inches tall. They are a bit stouter than the females, which are only about 55 to 60 centimeters tall.

As for weight, there is also a difference. The ideal weight of males is 30-40 kg and that of females 25-30 kg.

Therefore, we can say that they are muscular and stout dogs of medium height, but also slim and elegant.

Her body has a rectangular shape: her back is slightly longer than she is tall. The same goes for the head. The muzzle is relatively longer in proportion than the skull.

The ears are triangular, long and with a slightly rounded tip. They are held upright on the head and point forward as if in alarm.

The eyes and the muzzle are dark. If they were albino animals, they would be pink.

The coat is completely white. There are two types of skins: medium and long.

In both cases, this dog has a double layer of hair. The lower layer of the hair is dense and hard and the outer layer is silky and smooth. The face, ears, and front of the legs have a shorter coat.

The tail is shaped like a saber and runs to a point. When the dog is calm, the tail is lowered, almost straight or slightly curved.

If he is agitated, he can lift him, but he never exceeds the height of his back.

The behavior of the White Swiss Shepherd

As far as the behavior is concerned, one can say that it resembles that of the German Shepherd. He is an attentive and lively dog, happy as a companion dog, but he is also a good working dog.

In addition, his agility and intelligence make him a major competitor in agility dog ​​sports.

This shepherd dog is attentive and alert, always ready to learn and therefore easy to train.

With such a smart dog, it is necessary to promote his education in a positive way to accelerate his learning.

Age-based education will lead to behavioral problems.

Care and health

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is susceptible to hereditary diseases that are common in other German Shepherd breeds and dogs of its size: stomach rotation, elbow or hip dysplasia and heart disease.

In addition, food allergies and dermatitis seem to be more common.

As for the coat, it is necessary to brush it well at least twice a week because of its length to remove the dead hair and prevent skin problems.

Since it has a double layer of hair, it is harmful to cut the coat in summer: the dense fur protects the dog from the heat!

For decades, the White Swiss Shepherd dog has struggled to no longer be considered the younger brother of the German Shepherd Dog.

His extraordinary beauty and wonderful character have made him very popular in recent years.

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